Keep Up with the Shapewear Swimsuit Trends for Summer 2024

The heat of summer creates an inviting atmosphere to enjoy a relaxing day by the sea or create double the fun at a pool party. Both options require clothing that can give you freedom of movement and breathability.

However, traditional beachwear does not always meet all your needs. Therefore, a shapewear swimsuit could be the best choice for you to make the most of summer days. Have well-designed curves, with a more aligned structure without losing comfort.

Shapewear Swimsuit Trends 3

1. Bodysuit with ruched fabric on the side

This piece is extremely versatile, as it can be worn with a swimsuit, but also as everyday wear in the summer if combined with shorts, skirts and other cooler pieces. It allows you to build a perfect core, as it adjusts the tummy area through the shapewear mesh that has four-way stretch and a triple-layer internal structure. Furthermore, the design with ruched fabric on the sides expands the visual effect for a slimmer, more slender shape. The adjustable straps are essential for the swimsuit to contour your shape perfectly regardless of your body shape.

2. Swimsuit with wide straps and open back

It is possible to adjust the body core with sophistication through this modern swimsuit design. It can be adapted to many styles, but women who embrace a more classic personality will instantly fall in love. It is extremely cool, leaving you free to enjoy sunny days without physical exhaustion due to excessive heat. Furthermore, it provides perfect support for the upper body region. The wide straps keep your breasts in place, lifting and centering your cleavage. On the back it has a low back design that provides breathability to your body and promotes an even greater slimmer waist effect.

Shapewear Swimsuit Trends

3. Bikini with high waist fit

The high-waisted fit is interesting as it expands the possibilities of a two-piece swimsuit. Therefore, women who have a slightly larger belly can take advantage of a structure that defines and flattens through the highly elastic shapewear mesh. The guitar waist appearance is enhanced by the texture created by the ruched fabric on the side of the hips. This same effect was also included in the bust area below the neckline to create a sensation and better fit and width of the breasts. The thin straps are elegant and give a feeling of lightness and freedom to the upper part of the body, enhancing the lines of the neck, shoulders and collarbone.

Shapewear Swimsuit Trends 3

4. One-piece swimsuit with deep V-neckline

The V-neckline can provide a more sensual touch to the female body, mainly because it adjusts the breast area more attractively. Therefore, you can achieve a more elegant shape through the benefits that a shapewear one piece swimsuit can offer you. The exquisite cup and V-shaped frame build support for the bust area that is well-structured and beautiful. The compression is ideal without compressing your shape, meaning the four-way stretch fabric allows for greater flexibility and wide movement. Helps protect more sensitive skin from possible irritations caused by the chemical processes of chlorine in club pools. The triple layer and shapewear lining adjust the tummy and help maintain a more aligned posture to increase your self-confidence.